Malaysia is one of the ASEAN countries with 3 main local majority ethnic groups; mainly Malays, Chinese and Indians. However, the minority ethnic groups in Malaysia are more than 100 with diverse cultures and languages. Being center of the route between west and east, the diversity of ethnic groups started more than 1000 years ago through shipping business. Each group bring their own unique cultures and speak their own language. Malaysia main language is Malay and official religion is Islam.

Eventhough Malaysia has many culture, we share one common main inland activity which is farming and agriculture. Each ethnic group have unique folklore of local strongman which is being told from one generation to another. Badang is a famous local strongman folklore which is a story of a young farmer who gained strength through mystical creatures who actually stole his fish from the trap at a river and then became strong and has helped a lot of people and served his King as a commander in war. Badang has become as a symbol of strength, honesty, loyalty and proud as a local youngman who work as a farmer and hunter and then become a well-respected official for the country. His kindness spread and has helped many in their daily lives.

Adapting a concept of strongman, myths and legends, a local society has developed a local event which combined a unique story of Badang into an international level of traditional sport and games competition, “Badang Challenge”, started in 2014. Participation has grown from local to International level involving ASEAN countires like Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore. This year we celebrate our 5th year and become part of Ethnosport Challenge with more involvement from international participants worldwide.

2018 Challenges

Ethnosport Challenge

This year with support from Ethnosport World Society, there will be an Ethnosport Challenge which 4 participants from Malaysia will challenge 4 participants from Asia. These selected athletes will compete in 6 different routines at Dataran Badang from 7-8th Sept 2018. Prize giving will be on 8th Sept.

Badang Challenge

Similar to previous years, 50-100 athlete (international and local Malaysian) will compete in 10 strongmen routines at Dataran Badang from 8-9th Sept 2018. Registration is open from 7th Sept and Qualifying rounds on 8th Sept. Final will be held on 9th Sept together with the prize giving ceremony.

Schedule & Prizes


  • Day 1 (6th Sept) & Day 2 (7th Sept) – Registration, Preparation, Expo & Bazaar, Technical Briefing.
  • Day 2 (7th Sept), Day 3 (8th Sept) & Day 4 (9th Sept) – Registration, Badang Challenge, Ethnosport Challenge – Qualifying Rounds & Final for Men / Women / Groups

Entrance Fee for Ethnosport Challenge (Group Challenge)

  • Category Groups Open – RM100/game of 4

Entrance Fee Badang Challenge (Open for International & Local)

  • Category Men Above 80kg – RM250 / USD100
  • Category Woman Open – RM150 / USD100

Prizes Badang Challenge & Ethnosport Challenge

  • Category Men Open – RM4,000 / RM3000 / RM2,000 / RM1000 / RM500
  • Category Woman Open – RM1,500 / RM1,000 / RM500 / RM250 / RM150
  • Category Groups Open (Prizes per game basis)- RM500 / RM400 / RM300 / RM200 / RM100
  • All individual participants will received Tshirt, Bib, Finisher medal
  • All group participants will received Tshirt, Bib, Certificates